Strength in Silence is a blog for people trying to save their own lives.

Not only that, it’s for those who want to examine the human condition, even at its worst.

I focus on topics in psychology, philosophy, social dynamics, self esteem, mental illness recovery and humanism. Occasionally, we’ll go down some psychedelic roads too.

My wish for this blog is that it be a hub of inspiration, guidance, insight, and support for those trying to heal. And for those trying to move beyond their limitations and lead lives that are more vivid, passionate, creative, and liberated.

Hope, despite everything, in all its bloody glory, is the mission here.

Who I Am

Hey, I’m Charlie. I am an aspiring writer and thinker. Like many others, I spent a large portion of my life suffering in silence and getting lost in my own head. Depression, anxiety, the whole bit.

At a certain point, I decided to fight back against these hang ups and mental illnesses. Since then, I’ve become intensely interested in the mind and in human potential. I’m not an expert. I only want to take examples from my own experiences and share them with others walking the same path. I have a few breadcrumbs to drop in that dark forest.

Here’s a song lyric that helped me along the way:

“Well I looked my demons in the eyes
Lay bare my chest
Said do your best
To destroy me

See I’ve been to hell and back
So many times
I must admit
You kinda bore me”

  • Empty, by Ray Lamontagne