Hi, I’m Charlie.

I’m a mental health and wellness copywriter.

The greatest group of therapists on Earth wouldn’t heal a single person if they never bothered to put a sign in front of their office. Without marketing their practice, how could they serve the world?

In the online business realm, high quality written content is an important key to establishing a brand and attracting new clients. This is especially true for mental health providers like you.

Your calling is to lead people out of their pain and into better ways of living. For that reason, your practice should serve as a beacon of light for those who are lost in the storm.

Inspiring, empathic, research backed content is what will keep the beacon lit and guide the clients in.

Do you...

  • need search engine optimized blog content that will boost your practice to the front page of Google?
  • need carefully written articles that will comfort and build connections with potential clients for years to come?
  • need someone to save you time while you devote yours to helping others and maintaining your own mental health?
  • need someone to leverage the power of the written word while you focus on building your business?

Services Offered


Content Creation

Minimum one-thousand-word posts with topics geared toward your ideal clients.



Search engine optimized copy designed in a subtle way that won’t cheapen your message.


Thorough Research

All research backed by reputable sources like the National Institute of Health and the APA.


The Works

Royalty free images, creative post formatting, click worthy headlines, and razor-sharp copy editing.

As a frequent contributor to with a background in psychological research, I can write articles that are well-sourced, well-edited, well-structured, and totally unique. I could post the article directly to your site, or I could provide you with a shiny finished project that you can post at your discretion. I’ll leave the choice to you!

Contact me about setting up a monthly plan or writing individual articles. Otherwise, you can contact me for a free 15-minute consultation,, and we’ll talk about optimizing your practice and keeping your beacon lit.

All projects will be priced on an individual basis.

Interested in Working With Me?

Feel free to contact me with any business inquiries. I am also easy to reach via social media channels.